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Here are some frequently asked questions on how our FIFA agent course can help you.

We understand that taking the FIFA agent course can be a big commitment and with that, you will have many questions regarding the course, the curriculum, the industry and much more. This FAQ is intended to provide some clarity to those questions. If you can’t find your answers below, please contact us via our chat or email (below).

Although sales, marketing or sports related experience is encouraged, FIFA Intermediary Regulations do not require any pre=qualifications for those interested in representing professional athletes. However, strict rules and regulations, which you will learn on this course, are mandatory for agent-hopefuls.
The world of FIFA has a lot of complicated regulations and reading through it all isn't enough. Our comprehensive 6 week course walks you through all of these regulations, making you a knowledgable agent, allowing you to represent and recruit top prospects around the world.
The courses last 6 consecutive weeks, where students meet together with the instructor once a week (Tuesdays) for a lesson lasting one and a half hours. During the lesson, the instructor will teach the weeks subjects. Students are encouraged to reach their respective weekly assignments on the online learning platform as well as their books and come to the weekly lessons prepared for discussions.
In this course, you will learn three main categories on how to become a FIFA agent: Learning the rules, the business and the work. On these 3 categories, we will cover important information that will prepare you to become an agent

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YES! In fact, many of our students are intermediaries who needed an extra edge to improve their practices as agents or learn new legal case studies or techniques on how to recruit, represent, new laws, etc.
The FIFA Agent course is offered in English.
Since the course is offered online, the course can be taken virtually from anywhere, as long as you have internet connection.
To take the course, you will need a computer with internet connection and a phone to dial the toll-free number for the weekly classes which are hosted via conference line.

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