Who We Are

Pro Agent Academy was created to educate, elevate, and revolutionize the industry and those who want to learn how to become a FIFA agent.

— Like many of you, we dreamt of making a career out of professional football/ soccer, representing top talent and helping them achieve their dreams of playing pro. But with our own backgrounds as professional players, executives and agents, one insight was clear: This is a complex industry. As we’ve ridden the highs and lows that a career in professional sports brings, we’ve felt the frustration of not having clear and reliable resources of understanding when it comes to the intricate rules and regulations of this industry. In fact, we learned a lot of what we know from hours of research, plenty of dead-ends, and a good amount of trial and error. It seemed to us there should be a better way for prospective agents to learn how to become a FIFA agent.

For that reason we founded Pro Agent Academy: To educate agents so that they can be confident in their understanding of the industry, to elevate this sport and those who make a career out of it, and to revolutionize the way athletes are represented. These three values are illustrated by the three stars of our logo, and are reflected in everything we hope to teach you. Join us for our next session and let’s grow together!

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“I took another FIFA agent course before and I can testify that Pro Agent Academy’s course was WAY more informative and updated. Not to mention that the learning platform is very easy to use and modern. If you want to learn how to become a FIFA agent, this course is for you”

Tom Nguyen, VP of Asian Football, FIFA Intermediary